Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rose Village

Rose Village
S. Shawcross / 15" x 17" (approx) / Oil on masonite /


I love the mountain here laying on the sky. Brenda-Lee's Jean says that the ancients thought of the line of the horizon as the stand for the sky. Perhaps this mountain, caught between the horizon line and the land itself touches those in-between worlds where anything is possible--and where anything is probable but which we mere mortals may never know of because we are too much "inside" this ridiculous world. This work was inspired by modern Russian painters who have an opportunity rapidly fading in this world to paint landscapes from life dotted with houses of many colours and bits and pieces.(Exception of course being Newfoundland, God love 'em) Here in Chelsea we have specifically acceptable colours for houses and the spirit of the artists here is slowly suffocating, however I digress. Of course you can have rose leaves on a new winter day! Why ever else would I paint them? This week I am crazed to be back at the canvas for everyday things always intrude... the trip to the grocery store, the phone call, the visit, the tipped over teacup...

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