Monday, January 31, 2011

Going Home

I have a show running at the following location: Pot-au-Feu Restaurant,(The Old Train Station) 819-459-2080, Wakefield, Quebec. To purchase one of Shawcross's paintings please contact Jo-Ann Oosterman at or call 613-231-1073 in Canada. We accept VISA and Mastercard. PayPal as well.

Going Home
S. Shawcross / Oil on pressboard canvas / 20" x 24" / 

This is a strange painting of mine. It grows on you in some strange way. I was working rather hard in my "dotty" stage at this time trying to capture light at night. The auroras were a favorite for me. Then I moved into city lights. Then I moved into city lights in the rain. Weather adds that "other element" that directs my creativity I suppose. Being a maritimer changing weather figures into much of what I paint and write. I think I was onto something with my dotty lights but I moved forward again from that stage to the next. I never know what thing will emerge from my palette knife.

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