Tuesday, December 14, 2010



S. Shawcross / 48 x 12 / Oil on canvas / SOLD

I painted this two summers ago. Again the photo I took does not do justice to the wild painting day I had that day. The passion of the movement of the horses and the movement of life sometimes faster than our minds and our hands can manage. Everyday I watch the stream of traffic coming from the city and the stress is palpable. Why life became this way I don't suppose I'll ever know. As a painter and writer living with some disabilities I have stepped off the merry-go-round that spins the worlds of people around me. Sometimes I envy them. Sometimes I pity them. But I am not indifferent. In my painting and my writing I hope to stop for even a few seconds the frenzy and the frustration that defines the world around me. Maybe I can share it. Maybe it is not possible. But still I tilt at windmills and find my grace.

I have one show on the go right now. If you have time and/or inclination have a looksee. The show is running at the following location:

Pot-au-Feu Restaurant
(The Old Train Station) 819-459-2080
Wakefield, Quebec
Explore the delicacies of their new Chef fresh in from the big smoke of Toronto!

To purchase one of Shawcross's paintings please contact Jo-Ann Oosterman at jo-ann@yogo.ca or call 613-231-1073 in Canada.
We accept VISA and Mastercard. PayPal as well.

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